i lay my love on you.

bts: your lips like sugar

your lips like sugar
— Suga/Jin. NC-17. 7433 words.
"You got a new desk?"

"I can get a new desk but I can't get a break," Yoongi grumbles, "How tragic is that?"

Yoongi is stressed. Seokjin has just finished conquering his deadlines. The logical next step? Stress-relief. (Originally posted HERE. Warnings: semi-public sex, office sex, blow jobs, mentioned fisting, Namjoon Knows What The Fuck Is Going On)

☆ A sequel to you make my heart beat (faster). Reading the first instalment is not required but encouraged. c:

☆ This is for Ninibear, as a present long overdue, and Lonio, the best enabler. "Dammit, March. The season of porn." - Lonio, 2016. There's a whole lot of plot in this one, surprisingly? It was supposed to be PWP, but alas ;;

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i lay my love on you.

bts: something was bound to go right sometime today

i lay my love on you.

bts: someday, we might

someday, we might
— Rap Monster/J-Hope. PG-13. 5239 words.
— When Yoongi said before that he would do everything to ruin Namjoon's life after Namjoon had 'gifted' him with a year-long membership in the gym that the 'object of Yoongi's wildest and kinkiest desires' frequented, Namjoon didn't think Yoongi was actually serious.
— Written for elfscouts 2015. Originally posted HERE.

☆ title taken from The 1975's 'fallingforyou'. many thanks to m for the consult and the quick beta! i owe you coffee ♥

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i lay my love on you.

bts: you make my heart beat (faster)

you make my heart beat (faster)
— Suga/Jin. PG-13. 124347 words.
Everything's going too fast. One step forward, and Seokjin's tendering his resignation from a company he's been servicing for eight years. Two steps, and he's going out for interviews, reviewing a job offer, signing a contract, on the first bus to Sallim-dong. Three steps, and he finds himself trapped in an elevator with an ex who ran away from him years ago and with his faith in humanity in tow.

Enter the agency's Chief Creative Officer, and everything slows the fuck down.
(Warnings: mentions of alcohol consumption and minor characters making out under the influence (completely consensual, though), mentions of minor character death, mentions of family issues and self-destructive tendencies in the past. Please take these warnings seriously.)

— Written for elfscouts 2015.

☆ hi nini! so initially, i was hoping to make this fic a combination of around 3-4 of the first meeting prompts, but somewhere between me plotting things out and crying over yoonjin, i... sorta... got carried away with one of the first meeting prompts. haha ;; that said, i really hope you enjoy this! i recommend keeping a box of tissues on standby because some parts may be hella #relatable. i tried not to be obvious, but oh well. /yoongishrug.gif #swag #thuglyfe

also, despite all the warnings, rest assured that 1) 95% of the fic is fun and games; and 2) the fic ends happily!

as always, thank you to the gang for always cheering me on, for the support, for lending an ear whenever i needed someone to work out plot points with. to c, for the beta work and consults and for generally being such great support, thank you so much! lastly, many thanks to z and s for letting me throw chunks of this fic at them on the regular. your squeals and screams are my delight. i love you!

☆ an accompanying playlist is HERE, and the ending song is HERE.
everytime i breathe i feel brand new.

exo: you know i'm such a fool for you

you know i'm such a fool for you
— Chanyeol/Kyungsoo. PG-13. 5251 words.
— "You're taking Sound Prod for Theatre next term, right?"

"I thought we were taking Cinema Sound?" Chanyeol huffed. "We agreed on that ages ago!

We? Kyungsoo swallowed hard around the lump in his throat. Two terms into their friendship and he still hadn't grown accustomed to Chanyeol assuming that his plans were also Kyungsoo's own. Which was probably stupid because they'd agreed to room with each other come sophomore year, which was in a little over a month.

— Alternatively: The problem with the whole 'getting too intimate' thing isn't that everything's happening too fast. It's that it's happening with Chanyeol, and Chanyeol's the last person Kyungsoo would want to push away if he ever felt that things were beginning to feel too real. (Warnings: kissing and making out under the influence of alcohol and, potentially, drugs)

— Written for kabexodon 2015. Originally posted HERE.

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